Fundamental themes of communication, sharing, learning and friendship are integral to the world culture of the Arabian horse. Oasis content is often the result of international collaboration and contributions from individuals and organizations with a unique or special connection to subject matter. We are proud of the vibrance and flavor these sources lend to the tone of Oasis Magazine and welcome contributions from the many inter-related elements of the Arabian horse lifestyle. If you would like to contribute an article to Oasis Magazine or would simply like to submit an idea for future content, please send us an email:

Below are some of the individuals and organizations that have contributed to Oasis Magazine.


Ali Almimar

- Ali Almimar


Scott Benjamin

- Authentic Arabian Type: An Introduction
- Judging Standards: The Points System
- Mulawa Arabian Stud Open Day


Hugh Courtenay

Wherever in the world you need to be, we'll fly you there...

- Open Skies: Private Jet Charter



Fine quality leather boots, shoes, bags and accessories.

- Der-Dau: Quality, Craftsmanship, and Tradition 


Jack & Kim Farmer

- Preserving Genetics for the Future 


Elisa Grassi

- Ajman Stud


Kerri Grisham

- Australian Arabian Classic and the Australian Arabian Championships 2009
- Asfour: Australia's Treasure


J.L. Hardesty

- Scottsdale: A Foundation and a Future 


Beth Hunziker

- The International Influence Of American Breeders On the Arabian Horse
- An Ambition for Greatness: Bey Ambition
- Dubai Arabian Horse Stud: The Jewel Of The Desert
- Kim Jarvis: A Life With Horses


Samantha Mattocks

- Arabian Magic in Saudi Arabia


Christie Metz

Straight Egyptian breeder at Silver Maple Farm in Santa Ynez, California.

- A Tribute to Don Forbis
- Charting Arabian Strains in Pedigrees 
- Evolution of Arabian Strains 


Cindy Reich

Freelance journalist, breeding consultant, and farm manager,
with a life-long involvement in the Arabian horse industry.

- Foaling
- Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
- Foal Gender Choice


Riyan Rivero

- Haras Cencerro, Colombia


Paula da Silva

- Al-Andalus

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