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Anne and I are absolutely delighted with the sterling work at Oasis Magazine. Anne has been featured on TV and in a number of high-end magazines and newspapers here in Europe and of course the Middle East. No one before has succeeded in capturing the essence of her life and passion for her art in such an outstanding way as Team Arabhorse. Oasis magazine simply oozes class and professionalism. Thank you.

- Ray Tweedie

Thank you so much for the wonderful article on our “Gift from the Desert” exhibition that appears in the current issue of Oasis. Your story was extremely well written and the design and layout was excellent. I can certainly guarantee that I will become a regular visitor to your site and look forward to seeing more of your excellent work in the future.

- Bill Cooke, Director
International Museum of the Horse
Kentucky Horse Park

Congratulations on another great Oasis magazine. I enjoy reading and looking at the wonderful layouts. I am sure this will continue to be a success and grow each issue.

- Rob Simpson

We LOVE your magazine!

- Terry Polk




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