More Than A Print Ad…
In addition to the high creative standard of our ad design services and the distinctive overall look of Oasis Magazine, the online format offers unique features all for surprisingly affordable rates.

• CLICKABLE WEBLINKS: Unlike traditional print advertising potential customers can get more information and  contact you quickly and easily through live email and website links, simplifying the path to sales.

• PHOTO SLIDESHOWS: Why present just one static image when you can present many high-quality photographs in an automatic slideshow? Offer potential customers a detailed illustration of your products and services.

• MUSIC: Create a multimedia experience; sights and sounds that customers will remember and associate with your brand.

• VIDEOS: Videos play automatically, delivering  a captivating presentation directly to potential customers.

• CUSTOMIZED ANIMATION: Add distinctive and dynamic visual elements viewers will remember that set you apart from competitors.

Exposure, Search Engines & Readership...

• EXPOSURE: Each issue of Oasis Magazine gains exposure by being released through a wide variety of sources including:

• Released through's email database of 35,000+ (multiple releases)
• Feature on the homepage of (~40-60,000 visitors per month)
• Feature on the homepage of (~5,000 visitors per month and growing)
• Featured on the facebook page (~9,000 fans)
• Featured on the Oasis Magazine facebook page (~1,100 fans)
• Articles from each issue are re-released through's e-mail database as well as feature the on the homepage of &
• We also partner with many complimentary websites, print magazines and other businesses to continue to drive traffic to each issue of Oasis Magazine.

• SEARCH ENGINES: A search engine friendly listing and weblink on including a brief description of your business, products and services. This kind or relevant, high-quality inbound link will help improve the search engine page ranking of your website.

• READERSHIP: Every issue of Oasis Arabian Magazine is available online indefinitely Through both and This allows readers to enjoy any issue at anytime and allows for continued ad exposure a over longer time. With our newsletter sign up, and other promotional tools our readership is growing by leaps and bounds with every issue.

Direct links to your advertisement(s) from current or past issues are available to share with clients or include in other online marketing materials. We can even provide an eye-catching graphic referring clients to view your ad in Oasis!

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